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Bresser Condor

Марка: Bresser Model: 26743
Universal Bresser Condor 10x42 Binoculars – small, lightweight, and waterproof model with 10x magnification and high-quality optics. This model is great for travelers who like to both visit museums and observe nature or sports events. The 3-meter close focus of this model allows you to observe..
379,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 316,63 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 26742
Bresser Condor 10x50 is a very powerful model; it can be used in all weather conditions – even in heavy rain or snow due to its waterproof shell. Moreover, large 50mm lenses collect enough light to transmit a bright and vivid picture even at dusk. Stylish, reliable, and lightweight binoculars,..
414,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 345,79 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 73036
Бинокълът Bresser Condor 8x42 осигурява изключително ярко и контрастно изображение. Този универсален бинокъл е непромокаем, напълнен с азот и практичен. Неговата основна характеристика, разбира се, е неговата изключителна оптика. Благодарение на призмите от BaK-4 и специалното покритие с максимално ..
379,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 316,63 лв.
Bresser Condor 10x32 Binoculars
Изчерпана наличност
Марка: Bresser Model: 26744
Although these compact 10x binoculars fit even in a small bag and weigh very little, they have a powerful 10x magnification that allows you to observe small details of remote objects. The binoculars allow watching birds and animals in their natural environment and enjoying beautiful landscapes, alwa..
189,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 158,29 лв.
Bresser Condor 8x42 Binoculars
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Марка: Bresser Model: 26782
Powerful and compact binoculars, Bresser Condor 8x42. will become a reliable assistant for any traveler. Whatever task you set for them – observing natural landscapes, birds and animals, or looking at some architecture details – this model will always provide you with exceptional image q..
364,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 304,13 лв.
Bresser Condor 8x56 Binoculars
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Марка: Bresser Model: 26741
Large aperture Bresser Condor 8x56 binoculars allow you to conduct observations in low light conditions (for example, at dawn or dusk), always giving you bright and high-contrast views. Being a little heavy, this model is not very suitable for everyday use. However, when large aperture is required, ..
459,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 383,29 лв.
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