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Марка: Bresser Model: 71123
Bresser 2x/4x 88/20mm Magnifier is an excellent device for handicraft or precision work. This magnifier will become indispensable for soldering, driving screws, sticking or other craftwork. The magnifier can be securely fixed to tables, racks, boards, etc., with a maximum thickness of 4 cm. Also, th..
44,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 37,46 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 29913
Bresser 3x Achromatic Barlow Lens allows increasing the effective focal length of the telescope 3 times and getting maximum magnification when observing the Moon and planets! It also reduces image distortion to a minimum...
54,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 45,79 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 30871
Bresser 60–100x Portable Microscope is perfect for biologists, geologists, watchmakers, collectors, and all fans of the micro world. The instrument is compact enough to carry with you daily. It will let you observe any sample directly on the spot...
29,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 24,96 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 33142
If you need a quality stereo microscope for professional use at an affordable price, the Bresser Advance ICD 10–160x Microscope is what you are looking for. This model combines the highest optical quality, reliable mechanics, and high convenience of use. It offers a wide range of application: from e..
1149,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 958,29 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 17803
Small Bresser Arcturus 60/700 achromatic refractor is perfect for a beginner as it is easy to use, no prior experience needed. In addition, it is installed on a simple Alt-Azimuth mount that does not require any adjustment before observations, and is equipped with a micrometer-screw on the vertical ..
189,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 158,29 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 67547
Bresser Binoculars Tripod Adapter is made of metal. It is designed for use with tripods of different manufacturers. At large magnification, for example, during astronomical observations, or long-term observations, vibrations can significantly affect image quality. Mounting binoculars on a tripod wil..
29,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 24,96 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 72352
Bresser BioDiscover 20x–1280x Microscope is an excellent entry-level microscope to start your acquaintance with the micro world. It features combined illumination: incident and transmitted light is used for uniform illumination of observed microscope samples. This way, you can observe transparent an..
249,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 208,29 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 71215
The Bresser Biolux Touch microscope with LCD touch screen is a digital model with wide application. The upper and lower LED illumination makes it possible to observe objects under reflected and transmitted light. The images are displayed on the large LCD screen with a magnification of up to 1400x. T..
529,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 441,63 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 69822
Bresser Camera Adapter 1.25"" for telescopes will help you try your hand at astrophotography. Using an ordinary SLR camera; you can make photo shots with or without the eyepiece. To do that you will also need a T2-ring (sold separately). This adapter has a standard barrel diameter, so you can use it..
74,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 62,46 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 69823
Bresser Camera Adapter 23mm for microscopes allows you to install your SLR camera on a microscope and capture the results of your research, making high-quality videos or images of observed objects. Standard barrel diameter of the adapter allows it to be installed in the eyepiece tubes of most modern..
49,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 41,63 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 71114
The Bresser Classic 70/350 AZ Telescope is a light-gathering and compact achromatic refractor for observing celestial and terrestrial objects. With this instrument, you will be able to observe deep-space objects such as stars, clusters, and the Milky Way. This short focal length telescope is easy to..
209,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 174,96 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 67540
Bresser Condor 10x25 Monocular is a waterproof and compact optical device, perfect for field observations and examination of nature or city landscapes. This monocular is highly recommended for tourists, travelers, anglers, hunters or naturalists...
84,95 лв.
Дан. основа: 70,79 лв.
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