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Марка: Bresser Model: 74514
The Bresser DIN-Objective 100x oil is an achromatic objective with standard diameter to enhance the magnification variety of your Bresser Erudit DLX or Researcher Microscope. The objective has a parfocal length of 45mm. For use immersion oil is required. FeaturesMagnification: 100x Numerical..
109,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 73261
Компактна метеорологична станция Bresser 5-в-1 с цветен дисплей. Новият климатичен център Bresser 5-в-1 COLOR съчетава компактен дизайн с обширно информационно обслужване по много уникален начин. Малкият многофункционален външен сензор е много икономичен и може да бъде поставен почти навсякъде. Вече..
319,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 73269
Радиоуправляема метеоростанция Bresser TemeoTrend JC LCD има “ултра широкоъгълен” (UWA) дисплей – първият в света. Големите изображения и широкият ъгъл на видимост осигуряват лесно четене на показаната информация от почти всяка позиция в помещението. Винаги следете вътрешната и външната температура..
179,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 26780
The T-ring is used for astrophotography purposes - it connects the camera to the telescope. With one side, the T-ring is mounted on the camera, and with the other side - on the telescope focuser (if it has a T-shaped thread) or a special T-adapter. Using a suitable T-adapter, you can attach your ..
39,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 69822
Bresser Camera Adapter 1.25” for telescopes will help you try your hand at astrophotography. Using an ordinary SLR camera; you can make photo shots with or without the eyepiece. To do that you will also need a T2-ring (sold separately). This adapter has a standard barrel diameter, so you ca..
79,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 73741
Take photos with your smartphone through your spotting scope, microscope or telescope. It’s a child’s play with the Bresser Smartphone Adapter. Simply attach the adapter to the eyepiece holder of your optical device and then use all together as a telephoto lens for your smartphone camera. Now ..
79,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 67547
Bresser Binoculars Tripod Adapter is made of metal. It is designed for use with tripods of different manufacturers. At large magnification, for example, during astronomical observations, or long-term observations, vibrations can significantly affect image quality. Mounting binoculars on a tripod wil..
29,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 33140
Bresser Junior Astroplanetarium – enjoy the starry night sky right at home! It allows you to see 8600 stars and 61 constellations without moving from your couch! Astroplanetarium is extremely easy to handle – just point it at a light monochrome surface (a ceiling, for example), set the desired t..
179,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 71749
Your own planetarium at home! Projects the stars on the ceiling, accurate to time and day! You can even see falling stars, thanks to the planetarium’s integrated motor. Listen to background music with the built-in FM radio or by connecting to a digital music player. Features:Projection scree..
209,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 29913
Bresser 3x Achromatic Barlow Lens allows increasing the effective focal length of the telescope 3 times and getting maximum magnification when observing the Moon and planets! It also reduces image distortion to a minimum. The lens is made of high-quality optical glass with multi-layer coating tha..
59,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 73743
Bresser Condor UR 10x25 are extremely lightweight binoculars which are perfect for hiking or spontaneous nature observation due to waterproofness and nitrogen filling. With the rotatable and lockable eyecups, the eye distance for the observation can be gradually adjusted with and without glasses. A ..
199,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 73037
The Bresser Condor series are extremely versatile binoculars – waterproof, nitrogen-filled, handy and high-quality processed. With the rotatable and lockable eyecups can adjust the eye distance for the observation with and without glasses; a dioptric correction is standard. All models feature BaK-4 ..
419,95 лв.
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