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Марка: Bresser Model: 26769
Compact and lightweight due to the roof prism design, Bresser Junior 6x21 binoculars, despite their “toy” appearance, have great optical properties and image quality that equals the “adult” models. Lenses are made of high-quality optical glass, providing bright and contrastin..
54,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 69342
Beautifully designed Roof prism Bresser National Geographic 10x25 binoculars are a perfect super-compact companion for adults and children during a walk or hike. With a compact body made of plastic and special inserts for a secure grip, the binoculars weigh less than 200 grams. Objective lenses made..
59,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 69361
Bresser National Geographic 8x32 Children’s Spotting Scope is an indispensable instrument for a child who is keen on exploring the world. It will allow a child to observe any remote objects: houses, animal and birds in detail. Lenses are made of optical plastic and the body does not have sharp..
49,95 лв.
Марка: Levenhuk Model: 69715
Бинокълът Levenhuk LabZZ B2 ще накара всяко дете да се почувства като истински изследовател и пътешественик. Този компактен бинокъл е предназначен специално за младите наблюдатели. Формата на корпуса и размерът на бинокъла са перфектни за ръцете на малките деца, но характеристиките на оптиката са ср..
36,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 75757
These binoculars allow you to see everything 3 times larger! They are shock-proof, and thanks to the rubberised surface, don’t slip out of your hand! There’s also a carry bag that you can strap onto your belt. For children from 6 years +. Features:Center wheel focusing Foldable eyecups..
19,95 лв.
Марка: Levenhuk Model: 70813
Монокълът Levenhuk LabZZ MC2 е класическо оптично устройство за деца. Неговата оптика е изработена от висококачествено стъкло BK-7. Корпусът има гумено покритие за здраво хващане, лещата на обектива осигурява отлично изображение дори и при облачно време. Мощността на увеличение е 10x, а диаметърът н..
29,95 лв.
Bresser Junior 8x32 scope
Изчерпана наличност
Марка: Bresser Model: 26768
The Bresser Junior 8x32 scope was made for little “pirates and travelers”. It allows observation of not only pirate ships in the sea, but also the smallest details of the surrounding world due to its 8x magnification. Although lenses are made of optical plastic, it is not inferior to glass, and give..
39,95 лв.
Бинокъл за деца Bresser Junior 8x40
New Изчерпана наличност
Марка: Bresser Model: 73746
Now we are going to get a little bit bigger. These classic 8x40 binoculars are able to show you observed details, even from a long distance very clear. Let your journey of discovery begin. Features:Lenses and prisms made from optical glass material Adjustable interpupillary distance Suitable also ..
69,95 лв.
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