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Векове наред хората са се опитвали да надникнат в най-отдалечените ъгълчета на достижимия Космос: Луната, Слънчевата система и отвъд. Изминало е много време и ние сме отишли надалеч, но все още знаем твърде малко. И все пак интересът никога не е намалявал, като телескопите са вероятно единственият инструмент в наша помощ. Присъединете се към най-великите умове на човечеството в техните приключения през тайните на нашата огромна Вселена!

Марка: Bresser Model: 74302
The Bresser Messier NT-203 with a parabolic main mirror enables observations that wouldn´t have been possible in this price range a few years ago. Through the use of modern manufacturing technology, one can follow the shadows of Jupiter´s moons on the planet itself. The depth of structure and detail..
2599,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 72334
When looking at the technical data, 70mm aperture may not look too impressive. During the observation the impact of the 36 % more light gathering power in respect to a 60mm refractor are easily visible: Details are seen more clearly in the Bresser Nano AR-70/700 AZ and from a distance of 600 million..
259,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 51455
Fully equipped, and with an azimuth mount that is easy to use, the Bresser National Geographic 114/900 AZ Telescope is ideal for a beginner. This classic Newtonian reflector with a large primary mirror shows not only the big planets, but also bright deep-sky objects. A powerful 6x30 optical finder w..
319,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 69378
An ultra-compact travel telescope with coated optics, Bresser National Geographic 50/360 AZ can be conveniently stored in a small bag or backpack to take to observing sites. Alternatively, it can be installed on a windowsill or balcony of your apartment. The telescope is suitable for lunar, planetar..
149,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 72353
The Bresser National Geographic 50/600 AZ telescope is well suited for an introduction into the exploration of space. A small finder scope makes it easy for researchers to find celestial objects, while three different eyepieces allow for different magnifications. A 90° diagonal mirror together with ..
129,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 60030
The Bresser National Geographic 70/350 GoTo Telescope with an auto-tracking system significantly reduces setup time, leaving more time for observations. Take this telescope with you wherever you go: hiking, camping or on a vacation. To start observations, just mount the instrument on a tripod or any..
629,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 74298
Small but powerful, this bright, Dobsonian Telescope for stargazers is extremely portable, easy to use and available at a very reasonable price! This reflecting telescope is easy to operate, even for beginners and offers a straightforward introduction to the fascinating world of astronomy. The teles..
199,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 74351
With this reflector with a 76-mm aperture you will get for little money a telescope which allows already stunning views of craters on the moon and even some first details of the planets. The set already includes all necessary accessories for a quick start into the field of astronomy. The Alt/Az moun..
239,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 67546
With its 114mm aperture, the Bresser National Geographic Dob 114/500 telescope collects so much light that even faint objects become visible, and you can see more details of the Moon and planets. This Newtonian reflector is installed on a Dobsonian alt-azimuth mount that makes it very compact and ea..
279,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 17807
A small reflecting Bresser Pluto 114/500 telescope is a perfect choice for travelers; you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. A novice astronomer as well as an experienced explorer can work with this optical tool. In spite of its small size, Bresser Pluto 114/500 features quality optics and..
599,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 26054
Bresser Pollux 150/1400 EQ3 – a Newtonian reflector with built-in Barlow lens and equatorial mount EQ-3. This mount lets you quickly find a desired celestial object and easily follow its path by rotating only one knob. The telescope is a truly a universal instrument – due to its 150mm aperture, it g..
749,95 лв.
Марка: Bresser Model: 71118
Bresser Quasar 80/900 EQ Telescope with smartphone adapter features the achromatic objective lens, which collects 30% more light than a 70mm telescope and allows you to see some details on Mars. The enhanced aluminum tripod provides stable positioning on almost any surface. Thanks to its clever desi..
579,95 лв.
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